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Kirsty has developed a company that offers friendly, efficient, and caring service. They care about ‘getting it right’ and take the time to work with you, listening to your requirements, ensuring that the needs of the school and its pupils are carefully matched to the candidates they supply. They are open, honest and accurate in the assessment of their candidates; certainly the quality of those provided have been of a high standard and those on long term assignments have proved to be as effective and committed as if they were employed direct. Immediate assistance with last minute supply requests is efficient and is refreshingly honest when confirming availability of supply to meet requirements. Their tariffs are very fair – reflecting a pay for what is used pricing structure. Administration is efficient and accurate. If occasional adjustments are required, these are always dealt with swiftly. TARA are calm and reassuring, and do not cold call for business – instead focussing on providing tailored support whenever you call. I would not hesitate to recommend Tara Professional Recruitment for your supply requirements.

Deborah Lawford , Cover Officer, The Weston Road Academy, Stafford