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TARA Wellbeing videos to help reduce anxiety, stress and boost immunity

27th April 2020

TARA's MD, Kirsty Jandrell shares her tips and techniques for finding calm, reducing anxiety and boosting your immune system in these challenging times.

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Remote Registrations!

24th April 2020

In these uncertain times TARA are still operational and able to offer remote registrations for teachers and support staff wishing to register.

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4th March 2020

With Tara seeking to expand its team at the Shrewsbury Head Office, we share “A guide to Apprenticeships”

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Why Choose a Career in Supply Teaching?

21st January 2020

A brief look at why supply teaching could be the right career for you, by our Midlands Branch Manager

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TARA Announces Partnership with UWS

4th November 2019

Tara Professional Recruitment has partnered with United World Schools to support UWS Tellok School in Nepal, which opened in 2018

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Hiring a Tutor for your child? Is this the future of education?

25th September 2019

A look at how tutoring is changing the landscape of education at every age.

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18 Rules of Happiness

10th July 2019

Some inspiring points from the book “The 18 rules of happiness” by Karl Moore - at a time of year that many teachers may find stressful it can be great to take a few moments to ready and re-evaluate

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Thinking of working in SEN? It could be the career for you!

13th June 2019

“You’ve come a long way baby” was one of the 1960s most famous feminist chants! And this can certainly be applied to Special Educational Needs these days! Medical advancements, better understanding, more funding and resources and especially changes in both outlook and visibility of people with learning difficulties have put SEN at the forefront of education. We list some of the main reasons why you should give SEN another look:

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TARA are proud to sponsor local school mini-bus for The Khalsa Academy, Wolverhampton

12th October 2017

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TARA London Open Day!

4th October 2017

Calling out to all Teachers in London... Tara will be holding a Teacher Registration day....

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TARA London CPD Course!

7th September 2017

TARA London have had a fantastic CPD day today - held by our Fabulous Recruitment & Training Consultant Marlon - Our TARA London Manager welcomed New candidates to the office.

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A Survivors Guide to Supply Teaching

31st August 2017

TARA Professional Recruitment are holding a CPD Course on Wednesday August 31st in Wolverhampton. If you are a primary, Secondary or SEN Teacher you will benefit from this.

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TARA Sponsoring a day at Moorcroft Wood Primary School

3rd May 2017

Lesley has been out and about visiting schools across Walsall and Wolverhampton this week.

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How to be a Super Hero Supply Teacher... Final Instalment!

10th March 2017

Welcome back for your final instalment of your guide to ‘Super Hero’ Supply Teaching! Over the last few instalments, we have looked at how positive expectations, preparation, lesson fun; enlisting student’s help and having mutual respect can all contribute to making you an A-List Supply Star! So, here are the final few tips, and you are ready to go, ready to fly back in to the classroom with gusto and enthusiasm!

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How to be a Super Hero Supply Teacher... Part 2!

2nd March 2017

Hello again and welcome back to Part 2 of ‘How to be a Super Hero Supply Teacher!’. Well, we already saw some little gems, some simple advice on how to make your supply days super!! Here are a few more, to add to your teacher toolbox!

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How to be a Super Hero Supply Teacher!

23rd February 2017

Be honest, we’ve all had them, those days when all you want to do is press ‘snooze’ on the alarm clock, and roll over, pulling the duvet firmly back under your chin. The thought of dragging yourself out of bed on a chilly morning, to face a day full of challenging students, seemingly wanting to push to your limits of patience and stamina, can be an unwelcome one.

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What a wonderful Turnout for Tea...

15th July 2016

We have had a couple of lovely afternoons

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Successful Cover Supervisor Course!

16th February 2016

Yesterday was a HUGE success for our Half term Cover supervisor Course - thank you to all that attended and welcome to the TARA team!

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Top Tips for Supply Teaching

18th January 2016

We all know it is a daunting thing.. Not knowing when the next working day is going to be.. Getting up and dressed and waiting for the phone to call so you can be out of the door going somewhere you have never been before working with new people and pupils.. here at TARA we try and make this process as stress free as we can.

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Happy New Year & Happy New Offices!

14th January 2016

Happy New Year to you from our new offices in George Street, Wolverhampton and Claremont Bank, Shrewsbury. We hope you had a wondeful Christmas and your first week back has been a good one.

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