10th July 2019

18 Rules of Happiness

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Some inspiring points from the book “The 18 rules of happiness” by Karl Moore - at a time of year that many teachers may find stressful it can be great to take a few moments to ready and re-evaluate

Rule #1 – Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself!

Self-pity is the very worst kind of emotion. It destroys everything around itself, and leaves you feeling powerless. Stop being the victim, stop feeling sorry for yourself – and be happy.

Rule #2 – Be Grateful

The world is so fast-paced that we’re rarely grateful of its gifts. Think of all the things you’re grateful for right now: family, health, home, everything. Spend time being grateful each day – and be happy.

Rule #3 – Say Yes More

We each say “No!” way too often. Try saying “Yes!” more to all of life’s experiences. Don’t fight the river’s current. Say “Yes!” more to emotions, situations, social invitations – and be happy.

Rule #4 – Follow Your Bliss

In life, we often find ourselves half-way up a ladder we don’t want to climb, rather than at the bottom of one we do. What do you really want to be? Follow your own bliss – and be happy.

Rule #5 – Learn to Let Go

Emotions often hold us back from true happiness and freedom. Remember, you are not your emotions. Let go of unwanted emotions by asking yourself “Can I let this go?” Do it – and be happy.

Rule #6 – Do Random Acts of Kindness

Being kind is double-edged. It makes you feel happier, and spreads that joy to someone else too. Do more Random Acts of Kindness every day – smile, hold open a door, pay for a coffee – and be happy.

Rule #7 – Happiness Is Only Ever Now

Most of us spend our time anywhere but in the present. We obsess about the past, or plan for the future. Now is the only time that really exists. Make the decision to be happy – now.

Rule #8 – Experience, Don’t Hoard!

Research shows that material purchases only boost your happiness levels temporarily. Experiences bring more overall joy. Enjoy safari holidays, learn a language, join a dancing group – and be happy.

Rule #9 – Appreciate Both Sides of the Coin

How many times do we try to embrace happiness – and reject sadness? They’re both sides of the same coin. You cannot have one without the other. Sadness is critical. Don’t fight it – and be happy.

Rule #10 – Be More Social

Extensive research shows that the happiest and most successful people are those with large social networks. How many friends do you have? Be proactive, start making more – and become happier.

Rule #11 – Love More!

The more you love, the happier you are. Try giving everyone and everything around you a little more love. Friends, family, nature, even enemies: open your heart, give them love – and be happy.

Rule #12 – Have a Dream

Dreams are the spark plugs of the spirit. They give each day excitement and enable you to move forward. What are your dreams? Think about it, write them down. Then do them – and be happy.

Rule #13 – Intention Sets Direction

The outcome you expect is usually the one you receive. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. So, set a great intention in everything you do – and be happy.

Rule #14 – Enjoy Simple Pleasures

Real happiness can be found in simple pleasures and rituals. From a daily walk in nearby countryside to a glass of wine after work. Indulge in these, setup your own little rituals – and be happy.

Rule #15 – Accept What Is

Many of us spend time resisting what is. We fight against our own emotions, building up anger and resentment. Accept what is right now. Change it if you can. But accept it first – and be happy.

Rule #16 – Exercise and Eat Well

You are as happy as your lifestyle! For optimum happiness, try walking for 40 minutes a day. Take Omega 3 supplements, and eat more fish, nuts, turkey, cottage cheese. Enjoy – and be happy.

Rule #17 – Zoom Out and Don’t Sweat

We often get a fresh perspective on life after we lose a family member, or survive an illness. Don’t wait for life to remind you. Zoom out and remember your real priorities now – and be happy.

Rule #18 – Laugh, Dance, Smile!

Take time to laugh at the craziness of life! Splash out and enjoy to the max. Surround yourself with happiness – wonderful music, dance classes, evenings with friends. Smile – and be happy

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