4th November 2019

TARA Announces Partnership with UWS

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Tara Professional Recruitment has partnered with United World Schools to support UWS Tellok School in Nepal, which opened in 2018

There has been little government investment in this area with no educational provision for children in the Tellok community. Children would climb the hill for 2.5 hours each day to reach a government school, but most parents preferred to not send children on this long and hazardous journey. In this predominantly farming community, teenagers have in the past been sent to the Gulf as cheap labour. Without an education, this is one of the few opportunities families have to earn a basic income.

By supporting UWS Tellok School, Tara Professional Recruitment is supporting the sustainability of UWS's model to ensure the Tellok community have a school that lasts for generations to come. Supporting 57 children to learn to read, write and count in their national language opens the doors to a whole world of opportunity. Education empowers children through the opportunity it brings and acts as a catalyst to change, strengthening their families and communities.

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