27th April 2020

TARA Wellbeing videos to help reduce anxiety, stress and boost immunity

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TARA's MD, Kirsty Jandrell shares her tips and techniques for finding calm, reducing anxiety and boosting your immune system in these challenging times.

As well as being TARA MD, Kirsty has also been teaching yoga and meditation for the past 20 years. In this post she will share a selection of her tips and techniques for dealing with stressful situations in a series of short videos. We hope you enjoy them. Stay safe and calm everyone.

Day 1: Longer exhalation then inhalation breath

Day 2: Teapot Meditation

Day 3: Breath of Fire

Day 4: Exploring mantra Sa-Ta-Na-Ma meditation

Day 5: Gratitude Diary

Day 6: Alternate Nostril Breathing

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